CRD™ Scout

CRD™ Scout is a web-based app designed for farmers and agronomists to capture and track problems in the field and greenhouse. It offers scouting data capture and customizable reporting to help you visualize what’s happening in your field.

Just take a picture and add notes to upload a report. Scout helps you document in-field incidents easily. CRD™ Scout is highly customizable and will track anything required including fungus, pests, disease, and nutrient issues

Key features
  • Identify, photograph and track incidents in real time
  • Record observations on-the-go.
  • Monitor and assign tasks to workers in the field.
  • Work offline without an internet connection. Data will sync as soon as the internet connection is back.
  • Designed for growers by growers with the user and customization in mind.
  • Share data and reports with partners and advisors.
  • Regular product updates from a development team committed to giving you the best performance.
scouting incident report
Scouting customizable map
Precision Mapping Simplified

CRD™ Scout is designed to accommodate your facility with completely customizable mapping. Map out your own greenhouse operation down to the individual table.

Key Benefits - Unlock the Power of Data
  • Improve Efficiency – Decrease reporting time; collect data and generate reports all in one place
  • Reduce Errors – Provide correct information and trends to decisions makers
  • Grow Smarter – Better-informed decisions on your crops, fields and inputs are better decisions