OPTIMIZE Efficiency and Quality

On-site data of crop health and quality provides the immediate feedback to track progress and make adjustments in real-time. Allowing farmers to optimize their inputs and methods while also improving crop shelf-life and market price.


Sustainably Manage Pests & Disease

Diagnostic tools can identify pests and disease early for proactive treatment pre- and post-harvest. Ensuring crops stay healthy in the field and make it to our plates with minimal waste.


Data is Power

Crop management software combines diagnostic data with other contextual data to identify trends and unlock new insights at both the farm and regional scale.

CRD™ N-Sight

On-Site Crop Testing

simple, fast and accurate CROP analysis

CRD N-Sight™ is a portable plant diagnostic designed to test for performance measures like nutrients (NPK), proteins, fats, sugars and micronutrients with a simple 5 second scan. Enabling large sample collection of on-site plant data at an extremely low cost per test. N-Sight™ will launch for select crops in 2023.


Our rapid pathogen tests are a simple do-it-yourself test that can be performed in the field. These tests are designed for in-field use and only take a few steps: collect the sample, mix with buffer solution and run the test. On-site testing empowers you to find and track disease before your plants start to show symptoms.

  • On-site results in as little as 10 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Lab quality sensitivity
  • No need to send anything in the mail
  • No extra equipment required


Crop Management Software

CRD™ Scout is a crop management app designed for farmers and agronomists to capture and track crop data. It offers in-field photo and test data capture with customizable reporting to help you visualize what’s happening on your farm.

Key features
  • Identify, photograph and track incidents in real time.
  • Record observations on-the-go.
  • Monitor and assign tasks to workers in the field.
  • Work offline without an internet connection. Data will sync as soon as the internet connection is back.
  • Designed for growers by growers with ease-of-use and customization in mind.
  • Visual reports provide context for decision making.
  • Share data and reports with partners and advisors.
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