Rapid on-site crop DATA & diagnostics

N-Sight™ is portable and accurate test for key crop health, performance and quality measures all on-site and with just one device. Cubed is developing the system for nutrients (NPK), proteins, fats, sugars, moisture and micronutrients. N-Sight allows growers to collect large amounts of crop data with minimal training and at a low cost per test. Initial crops in development include lettuce, tomatoes, grapes and cannabis.

Designed for In-Field Use
N-Sight™ is compact, light and ergonomic with single button operation. It is suitable for a variety of environments outdoors and indoors.
No Maintenance
N-Sight™ requires almost no maintenance. A periodic lens cleaning and calibration is all that's required.
Long Battery Life
Fully charges device lasts 10 hours for continuous use and is easily charged via USB.
Easy to Use
Follow the step-by-step testing protocol on the app and scanning uses single button operation.


  • Enable precision inputs – On-site data reveals crop progress and any hidden shortfalls. So, one can optimize fertilizers and other inputs to produce the most with what you have.
  • Increase efficiency and consistency – Crop data help you stay on track throughout the grow cycle. Early warning to any issues allows for early intervention to ensure goals are reached.
  • Ensure quality – Providing the data to track and grow healthier and nutrient dense plants that taste better and are better for people. Or to target specific flavor compounds and lipid content. 
  • Promote soil health & carbon capture – Soil has lost an estimated 133bn tons of carbon which has started reducing overall crop health. On-site testing provides the real-time data needed to rebuild our soil health and allow farmers to profit from regenerative practices.

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