CRD N-Sight™

The power of nutrient testing in your hands

simple, fast and accurate plant health analysis

N-Sight is a portable plant nutrient diagnostic tool. It is designed to test for key nutrients, proteins, fats, sugars, micro and macro nutrients in a simple 5 second scan. Allowing for large sample collection of plant health data with extremely low costs per test.

Non-Destuctive Analysis
Little to none sample preparation required. No special training is needed. Just point, press and scan.
Designed for In-Field Use
N-Sight is compact, light and ergonomic. Also suitable for a variety of environments outdoors and indoors.
No Maintenance
N-Sight does not require any maintenance. A piece of cloth with some solution is simple enough to clean the lens.
Long Battery Life
Fully charges device lasts 10 hours for continuous use and is easily charged.


  • Enabling precision nutrient applications – Rapid diagnostics provides the precision data needed to reduce inefficient input use. Reducing wasted fertilizers and making sure our agricultural system is able to feed the entire world.
  • Building nutrient dense food – Providing the data to grow healthier and nutrient dense plants that taste better and are better for people.
  • Promoting soil health & carbon capture – Soils have lost an estimated 133bn tons of carbon since agriculture started reducing overall crop health. On-site testing provides the real-time data needed to rebuild our soil health.

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