The control line did not develop.

If no control line is present, results should be considered invalid, and the test should be repeated.

Too much plant and particulate material can cause the test membrane to become blocked and void the test. The formation of a control line will indicate if the test has run correctly.

The test runs very slow or not at all.

This can be caused by using too much tissue for extraction. Repeat the test using less tissue.

If the above is not the case, make sure the test components are within their expiration date.

The test has a green or pigmented test line.

During vigorous shaking, plant material will fragment to release Botrytis (if present) into solution. At this time, colored plant pigments may also be released, which can cause the test strip to have a background colour. However, the red test line (if Botrytis present) and the control line should be clearly visible. If this occurs, read the test as normal. However, if an excess of green plant sap / chlorophyll is observed to block reading or form a green line, the test is void and will need to be carried out again with less sample and / or less vigorous shaking.

The test and/or control line is weak or hard to read.
Make sure the test is within its expiration date. If kit contents were left open too long, the strips could have absorbed moisture, which can affect test results. Be sure to always keep test strips in their vial and tightly sealed between uses. A faint indication line still indicates a positive test for the target pathogen.
How often should I test?

Our test is most effective when used for early detection. By testing weekly, you will be able to act quickly to mitigate the risks of a botrytis infection. If you find an active infection, not just the presence of spores, we recommend increased testing to monitor any spread of the pathogen. If a treatment is applied to the crop, please wait 3 days before testing again to show effectiveness of the treatment.

If you have any further questions please email us at support@cubedlabs.com