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Coming Soon

CRD™ Cube Reader

The CRD™ Cube Reader is an easy-to-use lateral flow assay reader compatible with all of our CRD™ test strips. The reader can be used to automatically provide semi-quantitative results of test-line intensity. Expected release by the end of 2021.



CRD™ Botrytis is the first of multiple pathogen tests Cubed is releasing. Early 2022 a Botrytis plus nonspecific early detection of other prevalent pathogens will be released. Followed by specific tests including pythium and powdery mildew.


Our next test release in 2022 will be our new rapid CRD™ Nutrients Test. Currently in development, this test will provide on-site analysis of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium contents in crops in real-time. It will provide early warning of any nutrient imbalances before the visible signs appear on plants. In addition to NPK testing, it will have added capabilities to measure calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and other micronutrients.


The CRD™ SCOUT data platform is a new web-based application for the collection and interpretation of agricultural and diagnostic data, providing real-time predictions and insights to growers and farmers. The platform will integrate diagnostic data from our tests and other environmental factors to provide an understanding of not only the issue but the root cause. The data platform will provide scheduling. task management, incident reporting, progress tracking tools, yield reports, and projection tools.
Initial release will include CRD Pest management and reporting tools for your Internal Pest Management team to track, manage, and report tests results and crop issues. Empowering your management team to have real time data, and make detail driven decisions.

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