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Providing On-Site Data for Smarter Farming

Every day farmers make thousands of decisions with little more than visual clues from their crops. Farmers face a unique set of challenges gathering all the insights and data they need to grow successfully. Cubed Labs is designing the tools to streamline this process and unlock real-time insights into plant and soil health. We are always tailoring our solutions to better support our customers.

Cubed Rapid Diagnostics (CRD™) is our unique plant health platform. We are empowering growers to better understand their plants in real-time. We are experts in rapid on-site tests that can be used by the farmer without a lab. The CRD™ platform links together rapid on-site nutrient testing, pathogen testing and crop management software to give a full picture of your crop health. By providing farmers with these insights, we can support the decisions they make every day, from planting to harvest. Our first product, CRD™ Botrytis, is a rapid pathogen test for botrytis (gray mold) that provides early notice of disease outbreaks. We are starting trials of our CRD N-Sight™ plant health platform and CRD Scout™ crop management software this year.


Shaping the future of sustainable agriculture with data and diagnostics

We believe that a new generation of technologies and a renewed focus on regenerative practices are the future of agriculture. Soil health, drought resistance, soil erosion, plant health and food quality are some of the biggest issues we face in agriculture. We are committed to creating the precision diagnostic and data technologies that address these challenges and support a more sustainable future. Our solutions provide easy access to the data needed to make precise decisions, helping producers manage what’s in the field now.

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