Cubed Completes N-Sight Leafy Greens Study

Park City, Utah {December 6, 2022} – Cubed Laboratories (Cubed) is pleased to announce the successful completion of additional nutrient studies for its rapid plant health testing platform, N-Sight™.  The results of the trial verified the ability of N-Sight™ to measure key nutrients in lettuce samples such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and select micronutrients namely calcium and zinc. 



Cubed partnered with indoor growers across Utah to collect varied lettuce samples and refine test performance. N-Sight™ uses near-infrared diagnostic technology to provide on-site plant health diagnostics. Cubed is continuing the development of N-Sight for total moisture, carbohydrates/sugars, potassium and for an array of other micronutrients.  Follow-up studies in lettuce are planned alongside the development of tests in other crops such as tomatoes, grapes and cannabis.



Cubed’s VP of Business Development, Michael Prows, is excited by the continued progress towards N-Sight™’s 2023 commercial launch.



“The results further demonstrate the meaningful applications of N-Sight™ for rapid on-site testing in agriculture. These trials will help ensure our N-Sight™ tests are robust and flexible enough to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. We see data as the future of agriculture, it provides farms and our customers the real-time actionable information to make better daily decisions.”



More details about N-Sight™ can be found on the Cubed Lab’s website ( Cubed is seeking partners for further N-Sight™ trials in 2023. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Michael Prows (


Testing Process with N-Sight™

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Cubed Laboratories (‘Cubed’) is an agricultural technology company developing point-of-need data solutions that enable real-time decision making. These tools empower farmers to improve consistency and yields, reduce risks, and optimize nutrient/treatment use. Stay up to date with Cubed Labs on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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