Positive first results from N-Sight Trials

Park City Utah (September 28, 2022) – Cubed Laboratories (Cubed) today announced significant results from the first trials of N-Sight™; its rapid plant health testing platform. N-Sight™ collects on-site plant health measures, non-destructively, in live plants. Some key targets include sugars, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. N-Sight™ only requires seconds per test and can be run at a low-cost meaning users can run tests covering their entire farm. N-Sight™ will allow growers to proactively collect data and address issues immediately instead of waiting.


In its first trial, N-Sight™’s model creation system was able to auto-generate testing models for analytes in wheat, milk, mango, meat, and soy, with most performing at a commercial level. Cubed is currently completing N-Sight™;s first trial in live plants. Cubed’s VP of Business Development, Michael Prows, is highly encouraged by the team’s progress.


“We are excited by the results of our first trials and are eager to continue development towards putting a high performing product in growers’ hands. We believe this technology has the potential to completely change agronomy and how we can approach crops management. We’re also excited about N-Sight™’s potential in soil testing to help with carbon and nitrogen management.”


More details can be found in the N-Sight™ white paper which is available at Cubed’s website (link). Cubed is currently engaging partners for N-Sight™ trials in a variety of crops. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Michael Prows (m.prows@cubedlabs.com).


Testing Process with N-Sight™

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